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Peebee Painting by ndfan1993 Peebee Painting :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 1 0 Peebee Inspired Customized Doll by ndfan1993 Peebee Inspired Customized Doll :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 8 8 WIP Commander Cullen Needlework by ndfan1993 WIP Commander Cullen Needlework :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 0 0 Star Wars Poofy Skirt by ndfan1993 Star Wars Poofy Skirt :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 2 3 Happy Strawberry-scented Kitty Plush! by ndfan1993 Happy Strawberry-scented Kitty Plush! :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 2 0 Rainbow Dash by ndfan1993 Rainbow Dash :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 3 0 Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3 by ndfan1993 Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon3 :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 1 0 Doctor Whooves by ndfan1993 Doctor Whooves :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 5 0 Octavia Melody by ndfan1993 Octavia Melody :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 3 1 Luna! by ndfan1993 Luna! :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 1 5 Derpy Plushie by ndfan1993 Derpy Plushie :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 2 3 Filly Pinkie Pie Plush by ndfan1993 Filly Pinkie Pie Plush :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 4 0 The Dazzlings by ndfan1993 The Dazzlings :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 4 6 I'm Pancake! Twilight Sparkle Embroidery by ndfan1993 I'm Pancake! Twilight Sparkle Embroidery :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 7 0 Apple Bloom's Winking Cutie Mark Drawstring Pouch by ndfan1993 Apple Bloom's Winking Cutie Mark Drawstring Pouch :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 3 0 'Say What?' Applejack Rug by ndfan1993 'Say What?' Applejack Rug :iconndfan1993:ndfan1993 16 7

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Peebee Painting
I was bored, wanted to work on my painting skills. I still suck at shading, so it's rather simple color-wise, but I (more or less) like how it came out. :D

I am so tired of the smell of paint, though omg xD.
Peebee Inspired Customized Doll
I made a thing!!!!!!!! Based off of Peebee (from the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda video game!). I can't wait for the gameeee.

Made from a Barbie doll base, with clay and paint and fake leather and hot glue and lots and lots of time. I love this doll xD.

Different views of the doll here :D:
WIP Commander Cullen Needlework
Omg, so. I've been working on this, on and off, since July 2016. The finished product will be the equivalent of four of these panels, roughly two feet wide and three feet long, but this portion of it is 12 inches wide, roughly 18 inches long. About 10,400 stitches so far if I did the math correctly.

It has fourteen shades from black to white, and is based off of Commander Cullen from Dragon Age: Inquisition. The pattern alone took me a month to make.

This picture was taken 6 feet away and it still doesn't look grand. The stitches are so large that the further away you get, the better it looks, and since it is unfinished, it still looks a little weird.

But I am incredibly proud of myself for making it this far, so figured I'd post this in celebration xD.

(Also yes, the background is upside down storm-troopers, I thought the color scheme fit for a background better than plain white or black. Also, it's awesome fabric. Also, it was nearby and I was too lazy to search for a different fabric xD.)
Star Wars Poofy Skirt
Sewed a star wars skirt cause I was bored xD. No pattern, just plopped it together. Didn't sew the shirt though, I bought that xD.


United States
I don't really use deviantart as much as I use to, nor am I as crazy a fan of My Little Pony as I used to be, but I do still love this place (and MLP!) :D. I'm a huge fan of varied geeky things, Star Wars, Doctor Who, anything Bioware, and my absolute favorite thing to do is find a thing I haven't yet done and just start doing it. :D


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Thanks for the fav! I worked hard on Lyra :3
ndfan1993 Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
You're welcome! I really liked the hair! I think it was the fabric that made me love it at first sight though lol. It doesn't appear to be the same fabric that most other plushie makers use (it could just be me, though, I don't know much about fabrics lol), and it reminded me more of the plushies I had in my childhood then the super soft ones of today.

Haha sorry for the paragraph, but it's really cute!
NyankoYuki Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's ok! I used fleece for her. She is very cuddle and her new owner loves her. :3
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